Manish Refrigeration

M/s. MANISH REFRIGERATION is not only enumerated among the anodizing industries services but also best and reputed Refrigeration Industries, encapsulating expertise in manufacturing Industrial Chillers viz. Air-cooled Scroll Chiller, Air-cooled Reciprocating Chiller, Air-colled Screw Chiller, Water-colled Scroll Chiller, Water Reciprocating Chiller, Water Screw Chiller and Oil Chiller.

We motivate to cater reliable and standard products with optimum customer’s content. Our Customers support team ensures you for dedicated services always and prompt outcome. We can deploy permanent Engineers to your site to run and maintain Refrigeration Plant smoothly and without flaw.

Your problem to the solution is now at your finger tips; just a call and we are there to serve you in a better way.

We deal-in and provide prompt services for the following types of Air Cooler Chillers,

1. Air Cooler Chiller:

In order to reduce the temperature of fluids or dehumidify Air in both Commercial and Industrial facilities such type of unit is being used. Air cooled chillers absorb Heat from process Water and Heat is passed to the Air around Chiller Unit. This type of chiller system is generally used in applications where the additional heat it discharges, is not a factor. It uses the excess heat to warm a plant during the winter, thus providing additional Cost Savings. Low Maintenance is prime feature of this Unit than Water cooled Unit as it does not require a Cooling Tower or any Condenser Water Pump.

Following are features of Air Cooler Chiller:

  • Capacity Range from 2 to 150 TR
  • Suitable from (+) 20 to (-) 25 Deg C
  • Specially designed for lower power Consumption
  • With Tropicalize Air-Cooled Condensers to operate even at high ambient temperatures
  • Compact skid Mounted and factory-built
  • Ready to use, virtually vibration free
  • With hermetic, Semi Hermetic and open type compressors
  • With single or multi compressor circuits for partial load operations
  • With shell & tube, Tank & coil or plate type Evaporators
  • With built-in Stainless steel Tanks in select models
  • With latest & advance operated safely controls, fully automatic
  • Intelligent microprocessor (PLC) based control panel for optimal cooling & power saving in select models
  • With environment friendly refrigerants like R-22, R-134a, R-404a, R-407c
  • With shell & tube, tank & coil or plate type evaporators

2. Water Cooler Screw Chiller : 

Such type of Unit uses efficient Centrifugal Compressor that provides flexibility to operate the Chiller with Electricity, Steam or Gas, depending upon the utility rates.

Following are the features of Water Cooler Screw Chiller:

  • With single compressor: 75-TR,102-TR,145-TR, to 206-TR With double compressors
  • 150-TR,177-TR,204-TR,247-TR,290-TR,320-TR,366-TR
  • With triple compressors: 328-TR, 390-TR, and 420-TR
  • Highly efficient and low noise compressors
  • Tested in accordance with ARI/European standards
  • Step less capacity control, from 25% to 100% making it suitable for varying load applications and efficient under part load condition
  • Refrigerant liquid to liquid type heat exchanger provided for Economizer system. Liquid refrigerant is sub-cooled to enhance the capacity thereby reducing power consumption and enhancing the Coefficient of Performance
  • Oil cooler and liquid injection for high ambient operation
  • Shell and tube evaporator has been built using imported, doubly enhanced and highly efficient finned copper tubes
  • Liquid Refrigerant injection to cool motor winding during part load operation

3. Water Cooler Scroll Chillers : 

Plastic and Rubber industries require such type of Chillers as it is capable to control the moulding temperature and lessen the moulding cycle process in an effective way. It also enhances the quality of the Product and sound Production rate.

its adaptability is noticed in metal working sectors like Mechanical & Engineering, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Laser, Electronics industry, Textile, Electroplate, Semi-conductor testing, Water jet, Vacuum coating, Construction and Military.

Following are the feature of Water Cooler Scroll Chillers"

  • Adopted world famous brand compressors and high efficiency condenser and evaporator, ensure high cooling efficiency
  • Low energy consumption, low noise and long service life
  • Chilled water temperature range 5ºC to 35ºC
  • R22 charged CFC free type R-407C, R-410A, R-404A, R-134A for option, high cooling efficiency
  • Over sized evaporator and condenser ensure the chiller unit running under 45C high ambient temperature
  • Microcomputer control system offering accurate temperature stability within ±1ºC
  • Low noise and big volume air blower
  • Standard equipped Iron pump, stainless steel or high lift pump for option
  • Multi-protection devices ensure the chiller unit running safely
  • The innovative evaporator-in-tank configuration ensures a steady water temperature offered, as the evaporator also cools the tank itself
  • Reduces ambient heat gain, and increases the efficiency
  • AW water cooled industrial chiller adopted shell and tube condenser, features speed heat dissipation and high cooling efficiency
  • It is good to be used in high ambient temperature area with abundant water
  • Power supply: 1pH 220V/50Hz-----1/2HP to 2HP
  • 3pH 380V/415V 50Hz-----3HP to 60HP

4. Water Cooled Reciprocating Chillers : 

Commitment to our clients to provide the technology that suits their requirement as per today’s demand and best value for their money, our Water cooled Reciprocating Chillers have become Ideal choice. Being one of the pioneer manufacturers and suppliers of this commendable range of Water Cooled Reciprocating Chillers, we never compromise with the quality. Thus, we engage in using the finest raw materials and modern machines, in accordance with the set of industry norms and guidelines. Owing to this, the offered product is also known for its superior performance and a commendable service life.

Following are the feature of Water Cooled Reciprocating Chillers:

  • Easy operations
  • Unmatched strength
  • Superior performance
  • Requires very less maintenance
  • Technologically advanced
  • Longer service life
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Capacity ranges 15 TR to 120 TR
  • Dual mode chiller for thermal storage systems
  • Capacity control regulates in response to chilled outlet temperature
  • Saves power as motor is not refrigerant cooled resulting in better IKW/TR
  • Field serviceable thus reduces down time due to repair
  • With Environment Friendly Refrigerants Like R-22, R-134a

5. Oil Chiller : 

Our high technology Industrial Chillers are in huge demand in the market. The Industrial Chillers provided by us are user-friendly and is widely used to cool all kinds of hot moving liquid, Hydraulic Oil, Lubricating Oil, Cooling Oil of Machine tools and sag, etc. Also we offer Chillers at reasonable prices.

Following are the feature of Oil Chillers:

  • Body is made up of Galvanized steel
  • Powder coated / Polyurethane paint
  • Machine capable of withstanding high ambient temperature and hostile air
  • Digital temperature controller displays the temperature of oil and provides high temperature alarm.
  • Facility to maintain oil temperature, with respect to ambient temperature, is available on demand
  • Units with energy efficient scroll compressors are available on request
  • 100% functionally tested
  • Custom built machine enquiries are also entertained
  • HP / LP switches for safety of compressors
  • Structure in painted steel plate, polyester powder RAL 7035 orange peel finished
  • Scroll compressor starting from 4.3kW cooling capacity, hermetic reciprocating one for lower cooling capacity
  • Ecological refrigerant gas
  • Steel brazed evaporator
  • Microprocessor electronic thermostat which manages operating temperatures predisposed for remote control, with general alarm. Here are the few Safety features of Oil Chillers
  • High and low pressure switches
  • High temperature alarm
  • General alarm
  • Antifreeze protection